5 Considerations For Your Commercial Roof

If you’re looking for a new commercial roof there are several things to keep in mind. These considerations will help you choose what type of roof is right for you, be it material, price or safety concerns. Also, feel free to consult with your roofing contractor as they SHOULD be an expert in your area and have suggestions for a quality commercial roof.

Consider This!

  1. Geography. Wind velocity, potential snow load and annual rainfall all vary from location to location. Because of where your commercial building is located, you might want to choose materials and a shape that will suit your geographic location better. Furthermore, certain areas have specific buildings codes to meet safety concerns due to weather. Make sure your knowledgeable of these codes and take them into consideration when picking a roof.
  2. Future Builds. If you’re buying a new roof keep in mind how your business is going to grow. If you plan on expanding the building later, you’ll want to choose a roof that will grow with you! There’s nothing worse than expanding your business only to find your existing roof will need to be fully replaced to include your extra space.
  3. Commercial Use. Consider what your commercial building is being used for. Are you using it to store products or will it house employees? A storage building might favor a roof that is leak-proof while a building with day-to-day people would value insulation better. A venue space might find aesthetics more important, etc…
  4. Going Green. A lot of businesses are leaning green. It can help save on utility bills and the materials can cost less if they’re recyclable.
  5. Budget. The final and sometimes most important consideration is your budget. But don’t just budget for the actual materials and installations. Also budget for maintenance and emergency repairs for the lifetime of the roof material. Including these in your budget will make sure you find a roof you can afford and upkeep for the longest lasting commercial roof possible.

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