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  How can I tell if my roof has damage?  
  Often you cannot see damage on your roof from the ground. Aside from missing shingles, wind lift, hail damage and broken seals around vents and roof jacks are serious roof issues sometimes only visible by a detailed roof inspection. We do not recommend inspecting your roof yourself. It is a very dangerous job and you should call a roofing professional to perform the inspection. Our roofing professionals will come out free of charge and provide you with a detailed report of what we find on your roof. High winds and even small hail can cause damage to your roof. Because of the ever changing Texas weather we recommend you have your roof inspected at least twice a year.  
  My roof is not leaking. How can there be damage?  
  Water coming inside your home is a very obvious sign something is wrong with your roof. Leaks around the chimney or discoloration on the ceiling, even water dripping are often problems that could have been avoided with routine maintenance or detected by an inspection. Granule loss caused by hail impacting the asphalt shingle is an issue that leads to eventual roof system failure. Broken seals on asphalt shingles can lead to wind driven rain finding its way into your home. If your roof is a metal or even a tile system, routine maintenance is required to ensure you roof can achieve its full life expectancy. These are all services we offer on roofing systems we install. Even if someone else installed your roof we are more than happy to perform these necessary services for you. Don't wait until its too late and water has found its way into your home...call us today!  
  If there is damage what are my options? How much is this going to cost me?  
  Damage to such an important component of your home is a scary thought. Even scarier is the bill that's going to accompany fixing the problem, right? Earnest roofing has solutions that can make fixing your homes first line of defense against Mother Nature not so scary at all. In many cases your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of repairs or even replacement of your roof less the deductible for which you are responsible. Other small repairs such as sealing vents, jacks, and other components of your roof are not as expensive as you may think. Fixing your problem is our first priority so call us today and schedule an appointment!  
  I already called my insurance company and they said the roof is fine? What do I do?  
  Call us! This is what we do. We fix roofs and the problems that come along with them. If there is damage on the roof the adjuster may have missed we will work with the insurance company to see that the problem is properly addressed.  
  I keep hearing about going green. What can I do to increase the energy Efficiency of my home?  
  Earnest roofing offers many options to make your home more energy efficient. We offer certian types of roof systems and decks that are designed to to reflect more of the suns rays leading to a cooler roof, in some cases up to 100 degrees. We also offer blown in AttiCat™ insulation, that when properly installed, can help you to see savings in your monthly heating and cooling bills. Installing Energy Star™ rated windows, doors and skylights are also options we offer to save you money on your heating and air conditioning costs.  
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