Back To School Roof Maintenance Tips

It’s back to school season, which means a couple important things for you! The first is of course, that the kids are finally going back to school! But it’s also an indicator of the change in seasons. Soon it will be fall, a crucial time to stay vigilant on roof maintenance.

The most common cause of roof damages in fall come from trees and branches that are overgrown. Many of these trees will start losing their leaves, along with more wind and wet weather. If ignored, roof damages occur due to moisture build up or branches scraping.

Taking care of potential problems now, will help your roof survive the fall season and help protect your home during the winter months. Here’s a few DIY maintenance tips to help prepare for the new season:

  1. Clean out your gutters! Clean gutters reduce moisture build up, which will become more important as fallen leaves start congregating in your gutters.
  2. Install gutter guards. You can help reduce gutter clutter and how often you need to clean them out buy purchasing gutter guars. This helps keep larger debris out of the way and leaves a viable path for water to runoff safely.
  3. Trim your trees. If you have overhanging trees or big branches that are close to your roof, now is a good time to get up there and trim them back. This ensure they won’t scrape against your roof every time the breeze picks up or leave debris on your roof to collect moisture.
  4. Have an inspection. It good to get your whole roof inspected at least twice a year. This helps you identify possible roof problems before they become expensive issues. Especially as we enter seasons with more intense weather, vigilant maintenance protects your roof and your house from costly damage.

At Earnest Roofing, we provide our customers with the highest level of service and workmanship in the Texas Hill-Country. We believe in traditional service and earning your business. That’s why our inspectors don’t just respond quickly, they make it priority to show up and inspect your roof quickly too. We feel our staff is the absolute best in the business and think you’ll feel the same way.

If you need help preparing for this next season, don’t hesitate to give us a call (830)896-ROOF.