Common Roof Problems

Roofs age and wear overtime in similar fashion. While severe weather or circumstances can affect the health and lifetime of your roof, there are common problems everyone deals with. Understanding common roof problems can help you spot them quickly and get them fixed before a bigger problem arises. Let’s look at the most common roof problems!

Ventilation issues

One thing people forget about when it comes to the roof is ventilation. A roof is a system including venting, the actual roof and the gutters. Especially in older buildings, the ventilation might not be done properly. If you feel like your AC isn’t very efficient, it might not be your HVAC. It could be a poor roof temperature control in the attic!


One of the most common culprits of a leak to an otherwise good-looking roof is trouble with the flashing. Flashing covers the joints and bends of your roof including the areas around skylights and your chimney. If it’s buckling or missing, water can sneak in through the joint and cause damage.


Birds, squirrels, hornets and the like can pose a big problem for your roof. They can cause damage to shingles or flashing, clog gutters, leave debris on your roof and in general become a nuisance. Try to block off areas birds might try to build their nests and remove overhanging branches or nests immediately.


Debris on your roof such as branches, moss or leaves retain moisture. Anywhere standing water hangs out leads to bigger roof problems. Luckily, it’s easy to spot if your roof is cluttered!

Shingle Deterioration

Over the years you might start to notice the shingles on your roof are lacking texture. Weather, debris, sun, animals all chip away at shingles. If it’s just in one problem area, you might be able to get away with replacing a few shingles. If it’s everywhere, your roof is likely reaching the end of its lifetime.

A lot of these are easy to spot and take care of yourself, but if you experience trouble or have questions, make sure to call in an expert! If you have an active leak, it could be a result of one of these 4 problem areas. If you notice dripping, paint bubbles, wallpaper damage or wall discoloring you KNOW the problem has already progressed. That’s your sign to call immediately for an inspection.