Finding the Right Commercial Roofer

When you need a new commercial roof, repairs or just an inspection, it can be a headache figuring out whose trustworthy. There’s a lot of roofing scammers out there looking to make fast cash on your lack of roofing knowledge. Not only that, dealing with insurance claims is complicated and extra stress on your time.

We understand there’s a lot of frustration, urgency and navigation required in finding the right commercial roofer, quickly. How do you know which commercial roofer is right for you?

Track Record

A proven track record comes down to two important things. The first is, what does their work look like? Is it quality, well installed? And of course, would other commercial companies suggest them to their friends? Ratings go a long way in telling you the ease with which a contractor is to work with as well as the quality of the work. When looking for a commercial roofer, make sure to check out evidence of their past work and the reviews!


Roofing scams exist. Especially after heavy hail, you’ll encounter roofers who come by offering to help repair or inspect your roof. Upon further research, you might learn these people have no website, no physical address or aren’t even a real company. Doing business with an invisible contractor sounds cheaper, but there’s no accountability. It’s another reason being able to see their past work and reviews is SO important when it comes to picking a commercial roofer.

Claims Assistance

While some roofing companies can get a job done well, the best are the ones who will help you communicate with your insurance company to get it done. Earnest Roofing works directly with insurance companies across the Hill Country and would love to help take that pain out of your neck. We can give you the inside track and in many cases, take the full weight off your shoulders.

If you feel Earnest Roofing fits the bill for your next commercial roofing venture, don’t hesitate to give us a call.