Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

As a business owner, your mind is often on the inside operation instead of the outside. So, it can be hard to know when is a good time to repair an older commercial roof or to replace it entirely. Especially for an owner, smart decision making could save your wallet and your business!

If water infiltrates your roofing system, it can cause blisters, leaks, wall discolorations, interior damage, foundation damage and leave your business vulnerable to the elements! Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding if it’s time to replace or just repair your business’s roof.

When was it last replaced?

Knowing how old your roof is should give you an idea of when a full replace might take place.

What type of roof material is it?

Is your business is using metal roofing, tile, slate… or even asphalt tiles. Each material has a different lifespan and maintenance requirement. For example, a metal roof could last 20-40 years, if it’s high quality and well-maintained – it’ll last you longer than that! If your commercial roof is still made of asphalt shingles they usually only last 15 to 20 years

What condition is the roof in?

Regardless of age or material, it’s possible heavy weather or lack of maintenance has compromised the entire roof. You might need a professional opinion on how deep the damage goes. That’s why regular inspections are so important and can help save your business tons of money. A high-quality roof that is installed correctly and routinely taken care of should last a lifetime!