Roof Care Mistakes Homeowners Make

roof care mistakes

How often do you look up? Whether you’re buying a house, renting or just experienced a large storm – “looking up” is an important homeowner skill set! If you haven’t looked up in a while, you are making a mistake. A mistake that leads to interior damage, mold or costly repairs.

To help you take better care of your roof, we put together a quick list of common homeowner mistakes.  Avoid these pitfalls!

  1. The Procrastinator

What starts as a simple drip or looks like minor roof damage, needs to be fixed fast. Roof problems develop into big problems quickly and get more expensive the longer you wait. Even if it seems small, get someone to look at it! Otherwise, you could be looking at discolored ceilings, mold, warped wood or even roof collapse.

  1. A Dirty Roof

Keeping your gutters and roof clean are important roof care maintenance. It’s not just about looking nice. Leaves, dirt, and debris accumulate over time. These accumulations can prevent water from draining properly and put pressure on parts of your roof. Make sure to clear out debris and take care of areas where water pools. Beware of high pressure washing your roof to clean it! It can damage your roof and it even voids some warranties.

  1. The Attic

If you have an attic, make sure to routinely inspect your attic. Proper ventilation in the attic helps ensure a longer life for your roof. It also might be the first place you notice some hidden leaks or roof wear and tear.

  1. The Self Fix

Occasionally homeowners notice roof damage and try to fix it themselves. While it seems easy to fix one shingle or apply sealant, doing it wrong can lead to more damage! Fixing a damaged shingle by simply placing a new one over it will cause water and debris to get trapped.

Also, if you’re climbing on your roof to clean it, inspect it or to attempt self-repairing, distribute your weight as evenly as possible. Avoid walking near edges.

  1. The All-Knowing

Homeowners who understand their roof, perform proper maintenance and know how to do it correctly improve the longevity of their roof. If you don’t know what you’re doing (or think you do), stay off the roof! Quick fixes or improper maintenance techniques only create bigger problems that cost you more money.

When you need roof installation, maintenance, or repair, skip the ladder and the headache and call an expert. Whatever the roofing or remodeling need, we’ve got you covered. Built on integrity and carried on outstanding service, quality, and hard work, Earnest Roofing is the best choice for your next project.