Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Roof!

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time for a little maintenance. These spring cleaning tips for your roof will help preserve it and ultimately, save you money. The sooner you can identify and fix small problems the less likely they are to grow into costly ones.

While your cleaning out the garage, add these tips to your spring cleaning checklist!

Gutter system– A healthy gutter system leads to a healthy roof. Clean out the gutters and look for any wear or weak spots. Clogged or weak gutters can lead to water overflow during the spring rains. This opens your house and roof up to water damage.

Tree Cutting – If the trees around your property are getting close to the roof, now might be an appropriate time to trim them back or get rid of them. Scraping leaves and tree branches cause damage to your roof and create a shady, humid environment. This can lead to moss growth and make it hard for moisture to evaporate/drain properly.

Moss, Mold, and Dirt – If it’s been a while, you should give your roof a good wash. Don’t power wash, it can damage some materials and in other cases can void your roof warranty. There are some under-the-sink cleaners you can use to clean off any moss or mold. Molds, mildews, excess dirt, and debris can eat away and compromise your roofing materials, weakening the whole system.

Damaged flashing – April showers might bring in more rains than your old flashing can bear. It’s smart to be on the lookout for any worn areas on your roof and especially flashing that doesn’t look flush with the roof. If it’s buckling, missing or has gaps those are areas water will sneak in.

If you think you need help inspecting or fixing any part of your roof make sure to give Earnest Roofing a call. We believe in traditional service and earning your business. That’s why our inspectors don’t just respond quickly, they make it priority to show up and inspect your roof quickly too. We feel our staff is the absolute best in the business and think you’ll feel the same way.