Can You Trust Your Commercial Roofer?

Hurricane Harvey and Irma have sparked a concern for commercial roofs. Either because people desperately need work done to repair their damaged commercial roof or because they realize how important their roof is to protect their business! Whether you’re in need of repairs, an inspection or a new roof, it’s important to find the right commercial roofer.  The high demand for roofing contractors might make it more difficult to find a trustworthy roofer to do the job right.

To help you find the right fit, here’s a few easy steps to finding the perfect commercial roofer for your business.


  1. Go Local – When it comes to roofing, a local contractor knows what your commercial roof is likely to face. Local companies are also more concerned with maintaining a good reputation in the community, they aren’t looking to rip you off.
  2. How Long Have They Been in Business? An experienced contractor will get the job done right the first time. When it comes to extreme weather a properly installed roof or appropriate repairs make a big difference in protecting your commercial property.
  3. Look At Their Past Work. In the past year, what projects have they worked on? Do those businesses speak highly of the work done? Did the work hold up?
  4. Read the proposed contract carefully. As with any contract, make sure the contract is reasonable, follows local ordinances and calls for quality parts!

Roof repairs, replacements and navigating insurance claims can be tricky. Having a commercial roofing company you can trust relives that pressure! Whatever the roofing or remodeling need, we’ve got you covered. Built on integrity and carried on outstanding service, quality and hard work, Earnest Roofing is the best choice for your next project.