When & How To Inspect Your Roof

Learning how and when to inspect your own roof is an important process in taking care of your home or business.  The most common causes of water damage start with flooding and leaky roofs, so make sure to keep an eye out for early warning signs to catch them while they’re small!

When to inspect:

In general, it’s smart to have an inspection done twice a year and whenever there is a severe storm. If it helps, mark your calendar to remind you of inspections or set an alarm on your phone to check out your roof after big weather. The sooner you catch a problem, the less money it costs to fix.

More thorough inspections should be done by professionals but there are a few ways you can keep track of your roof’s well-being on your own.


  • Walk around your house and look for any obvious signs of damage, aging or sagging.
  • Are there any areas on your roof or in your gutter system that have a lot of moss, algae or leaves? These are areas that could lead to water damage so be sure to take care of them.
  • Keep your eye out for buckled and curled shingles! If you have an attic area and it is poorly ventilated, the heat can cause shingles to curl away and put you at risk for weather damage.
  • Be on the look-out for missing, damaged, and aged shingles. missing shingle indicates a vulnerable roof, it’s totally open to any impending weather.

Up Top:

  • Check and clean out your gutters! Look out for open joins, sagging or rot.
  • Check the texture of your shingles (if you have shingles). The less texture they have, the less they are protecting your home. This is a sure sign you need to replace or heavily repair your roof.
  • Inspect your counter flashing. Counter flashing is a metal, waterproof strip to help keep out moisture. Look for any damages, cracks or obvious leaks.


  • If you have an attic, check for any drips or leaking.
  • Be on the look-out for wall or ceiling discoloration, drips or sagging.

Now What?

A smart roof owner is a pro-active one. Fixing minor problems and concerns before they become costly is the key to stress-free home maintenance. If you notice any issues or want to schedule a thorough inspection, give us a call! Earnest Roofing believes in traditional service and earning your business. That’s why our inspectors don’t just respond quickly, they make it a priority to show up and inspect your roof quickly too. We feel our staff is the absolute best in the business and think you’ll feel the same way.